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  • Hi guys,

    My back ground is networking and server admin.

    Is there a plug in can connect to MSSQL database over the internet to do report building in WordPress theme?

    What I mean is plugin grab MSSQL database’s table to perform reports showing on WordPress website?

    I can create a secure tunnel between WordPress server and SQL server so there is no issue with security.

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  • So a way to take data from an MS SQL database and generate reports from them on a WordPress site?

    I can’t think of a plugin that does something like this specifically. I know the Pods Framework plugin has Advanced Content Types that can allow you to do things beyond the WordPress API (potentially connecting to and querying other databases) but you’ll be doing a lot of your own custom PHP development to hook it all together – you’d need to do that anyway without a plugin.

    Another possibility to look at is creating a web service for your data that WordPress (or whatever) can then consume and use.

    Mummm… I am thinking another approach.
    Create a MYSQL database on Cpanel and create a schedule to do one way sync from MSSQL to MYSQL.
    Use wpDataTables to generate reports.

    I did a test ODBC link from my location to MYSQL at the host. The connection is not stable.
    SO pulling database from local is better idea.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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