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  • It doesn’t look like step #1 was completely properly because isn’t yet available (which is where step #2 starts).

    The better question is why do you feel you need to use Concrete5 for your website, then install WordPress on top of it?

    WordPress can be used as your website, and your blog, all in one.

    Dreamhost is helping me a bit… i’ve gotten this far: … it’s still not integrating. And I think it created a new blog, too. lol At least my blog only had 2 posts anyway.

    WordPress is just a blog, though… you can’t make actual pages with it. Personally, I kinda hate going to websites that are just blogs. There’s no real navigation. You have to search for something and then any blog post that mentions it comes up. I don’t want everything to be in a random order. I’m going to have information on the site that should be organized on one page that I can edit (for example, recipes, or a list of restaurants). If, for example, someone is looking for a good vegan restaurant to go to, I want to have a page they know they can go to, to scroll through and click on the links for more information. If it’s just a blog…. how do they do that? Type in a keyword “restaurant” and then slog through every blog post that uses the word? I’m also not a fan of most blog set-ups I’ve seen. I mean I found a cool one for my Tumblr blog, but it won’t allow me to make other pages like “about me” or anything. Won’t even let people comment. Anyway…. I want a blog on a website, not a blog as a website….. 🙂

    WordPress is just a blog, though… you can’t make actual pages with it.

    Yes you can. See Pages.

    There’s no real navigation.

    That’s the fault of the theme and/or site developer – not WordPress.

    really? 😀 Well that would make it easier wouldn’t it… (in theory). Going to look into this. So there’s a way to make a main page that isn’t your blog (on for example) and the blog on /blog … and have everything act like a real website… all through WordPress? Where do I start?

    @kendalinwonderland: Once you have your own WordPress installed – or if you’re still on – Go to Dashboard>>Settings>>Reading>> and set “Front page displays….”


    You still don’t have WordPress installed in such a way that it will work at It is installed in a subfolder (/blog) so even if you DO decide to use as a full website and not just a blog, you’re still going to only see that full website at, which I don’t think is what you want, is it?

    Are you going an integrated website and blog? So when you visit, your navigation might look like

    Home | About | Recipes | Restaurants | Blog

    And all of those things are on the same exact site?

    Hmmm ok. Yes, what I’d like is the full website to be at , with the blog at the /blog address. Yes, I want some navigation on the front page (and other pages, including the blog) and they will all be on the same site. I’ll have links to other websites on various pages but not the main navigation.
    What do I do to make this happen? I’ve been working at it for a couple hours now. lol

    i just did that… although now I’m not sure where my blog shows up. lol. I still need to get the static front page to be on instead of /blog .

    Where did you install WordPress on your domain? …. I know there are some dots in my brain to be connected here on how to move it…. 😛

    What is in your domain’s root at the moment?

    You should be able to achieve what you want just by extracting wordpress into /blog on your root, so the working directory would look something like this:

    public_html :
        blog :
            (wordpress install)

    (other concrete5 stuff)

    Then just navigate to and you’ll be within the correct wordpress dir, then just install like you would normally.

    That should work without issue, Concrete5 does a good job allowing that sort of thing.

    it seems like it’s just kind of more of a hassle to be using Concrete5 with WordPress, so I’m trying to change it all to wordpress. Concrete5 is all over my main page, so I have to uninstall that I guess. I’m afraid of deleting it all because I’m not sure what that does to my C5 account and I’m trying to track a support ticket there about getting a refund on this plugin.

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