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  • I just created a WordPress plugin that some of you might find interesting, because it helps any blogger who makes money from different affiliate programs. Most affiliate programs require you to attach an reference ID when linking to their site to know who referred the visitor, but this can get very tedious when you are writing a lot of links, and your ID is a random number. So I wrote a plugin that autmates this.

    The plugin parses your posts, and looks for links to sites that you specified in the options. If it does any links, then it appends the query with your ID. It also checks if the post has any existing IDs, and overwrites them. Right now it is at a very early stage, but it works with most affiliates like Amazon and NCIX.

    I implemented another requested feature in this plug-in called “auto link words”. This feature lets you specify keywords in your posts that will be turned into links in your post. The script ignores keywords that are already links, so you do not have to worry about existing links being modified.

    Here is the web page I created for my plugin:

    Here is the announcement on my blog:

    This is my first WordPress plugin, so I’m open to any feedback and suggestions.

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  • Hi dude I realy need such of affiliate and refferal plugin for my site. So what can you suggest for my prroblem I saw that you have this problem too and you found a answer for this. You cna rick me om ICQ 251373454 or SKYPE:Aleksandar Prodanov (Pazardzzhik, Bulgaria)

    I am looking forward for your help. I am ready to pay for that!

    You’ll probably have better luck if you go to the plugin author’s website. It’s not likely that he’ll be looking for replies to his 3-month-old post.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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