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  • <b>Update</b>
    You can now download an alternative version of this plugin with an additional icon (British Flag) to get back the original English version of your site.

    If you would rather have American flag instead, to represent English language, you can have that too 🙂

    bloody hell that sounds very fancy. I’ll take a look at this, merci svp or something.


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    This plugin is great! Thanks, Angsuman.

    Great plugin!

    Formatting question: I’d like to include it in my sidebar menu so I can create a header for it that matches those being used by my theme. How can I insert it without it forcing the entire sidebar down below the posts? (Right now I made it the very first thing in sidebar.php to avoid the issue, but the trade-off is I can’t create a header.)

    Thanks again!

    Edited to Add: This appears to be an IE-only problem and looks fine in Opera and FireFox. I figured this out looking at MacManx’s page to see how it appeared for him. I did a search on the forum but I’m not coming up with anything, but am sure someone can point me to where this has already been discussed??? Thanks.

    Excellent my friend and long needed!!!!

    Only one problem though. With the flags. The Green/White?Red is Mexico (es) and not Italian, Had to rename a couple of gif and it works great,

    Many thnaks

    Great plugin! It can help me! Only one problem for me : write in english… I have some difficulties… lol
    @elegantjohn = The Green-White-Red flag is Italian, Mexico is Gree-White-Red too, but with “picture” in the middle.

    Thanks for addressing Elegant John’s concern.

    > Only one problem for me : write in english… I have some difficulties… lol

    You can always use the spanish translation of the post 🙂
    BTW: I am just making a wild guess about your native language. Am I close?

    @elegant John
    Mexican Flag indeed has a bird in the middle, as zeraw07 pointed out.
    Italian Flag is without the bird in the middle.

    You can always customize it to have say four icons per row.
    I have provided instructions for it.

    In your case you can just modify the create_translator_bar() function to change the layout.

    However I think the core problem you are facing (different CSS layout in IE) is because you are most likely not using Tantek Celic’s hack for IE. That should solve your issue without having to change anything in the plugin. Also it will make it easier for you to make future modifications to your sidebar.

    Please communicate future support issues and feedback on my blog post as I monitor it more frequently.


    A new version of the automatic machine translator plugin is now available.

    Specifically the new features are:

    1. Option to generate slimmer list of icons (maximum 5 icons in a row). Now you can use <?php create_translator_bar(true); ?> to create a slimmer version as can be seen in this site. Comes with a shorter version of linkback.

    The default is to create a wider version with all nine icons in a single row by using <?php create_translator_bar(); ?>

    Please refer to Configuration and Usage section for further details.

    2. Warning message was being generated, when php is running in safe mode, in earlier version. This has been rectified.

    3. Ability to revert to the original language (English) has been provided by adding an extra icon for English. It simply redirects to the original non-translated version of the blog.

    Users can download one of two available versions (British or American).

    this plugin was released about 4 months ago, I’d be interested in knowing how people are finding it, and whether the translation is up to scratch

    I use this plugin on my site ( and it works a treat. I had to tweak the formatting in the plugin file to re-align the icons but otherwise it is easy to set up.

    Just found this plugin and stuck it on my site ( for a larf.

    The translations are a bit odd, but thats the nature of machine translations in my experience.

    Works fine so far, no issues with the plugin itself.

    Nice work. 😀

    I know it is supposed to be written in english, but any chance this will be (ever) possible for a language not written in english? Like dutch, danish or norwegian etc.?
    I mean, it’s machine translation, so it should be possible. As I understand it, the plugin used some kind of online translating facility?

    What happens to your blog, angsuman? I can’t access it.

    I can access to your blog now. Great plugin I would say.

    Hi, a machine-generated translation is a violation of languages. I would never visit again a page which uses this sort of a absolutely useless ‘gimmick’.
    I’m not talking about the plug-in it self, I mean the very poor translation quality.

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