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  • I have been asked a couple times how I accomplished having a complete user integration between the software packages, so I have a small description of how I did it excluding having the packages all look the same…..that was hours of editing files and templates….don’t ask!

    Just wanted to let you know that it is possible to have a forum, blog and gallery all working on a single registration system and single login across the 3 different components. This is done using the 3 following packages:

    BLOG – WordPress –
    FORUM – phpBB –
    GALLERY – 4images –

    Keep in mind, as it was pointed out to me earlier, that 4images is only for private use and nothing commercial without asking them and purchasing a license. It is perfecly FREE if it is for non-commercial sites and is in my mind the most comprehensive gallery software out there.

    STEP 1
    Starting with the forum (phpBB), install it and setup the registration that you want to be done here as it will be the registration and user database for all 3 components.

    STEP 2
    Install 4images gallery software (in the same database as phpBB). Then you must go to the following URL to get the phpBB integration for 4 images at:

    This allows the gallery software (4images) to use the phpBB members to authenticate against so that there is only one memberlist and registration process (at forum).

    STEP 3
    Install in WordPress the wphpbb plugin located at:

    If you use wphpbb itself it will integrate login and comments. If you only want the login, you can just install wphpbb-login (shows as a seperate plugin) on the same page.

    Keep in mind that phpBB is the common thread. If you don’t like that software package then you can ignore this entire thread!


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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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