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  • Hi

    I am trying to integrating a PHP Whois lookup script into my WordPress theme but so far it fails to insert properly without breaking the page structure. This can be seen at

    I am adding this script in a custom page template & I have tried all manner of code edits over the course of last week but nothing has yet worked for me. I have read a couple of posts on the WP forum re php scripts & WordPress but so far I cannot fix this myself.The PHP Script comes from I have emailed the author for help but so far have had no reply.

    If anyone can please help me get this working properly with my WP page I would be very grateful so I look forward to all helpful replies_thanks

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  • OK I have had no reply in 3 days so far! Is anyone here (Esmi-anyone?) & does WP care? Rhetorical questions as I know the answers.

    However I have edited my custom template code & the php whois script code & the script integrates now with my WP theme/page structure (I’m not sure if it is edited properly but it displays as it should in the page now eg without breaking the page). However the lookup does not return any result after submit now! This is strange as this all works alright in my WebMatrix localhostserver & whois results are outputted there but not in the online site! Again I do not know why-anyone know?

    I will keep trying to fix this (I have been at this for about 2 weeks now!).

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