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  • Hello,
    Sorry – again for what is likely a stupid question (and a possible double post – dreaded newbie) but I keep getting the following error message: “WordPress requires that your web server is running PHP. Your server does not have PHP installed, or PHP is turned off”
    According to my php install, php is correct and running – v5.3 but WordPress doesn’t see it.

    I am attempting to build my sites in localhost and have not uploaded anything to the servers yet. Don’t want to do that until I have them mostly looking like I want them to look.

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  • You need to have PHP running on your local install as well. Have you tried XAMPP?

    Thank you for your reply. I took your advice and installed php and xampp. I got closer to getting things to work but according to some I’ve spoken with since, they inform me that my PC’s MB lacks the hardware resources required to make a virtual server work. (it is not a server board specifically) I thought that since that particular system was configured for robust HD video and audio editing it would be sufficient. It seems I was mistaken.
    At the moment I am attempting to install WP on my host site with the hope that they have what it takes to make it happen. Film at 11.
    Thanks again.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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