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  1. loybanks
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I'm at a loss trying to get the relationship between PHP and HTML. I know we have HTML present in WordPress, but we don't have any listed html pages that I can find, ie index.html

    My question pertains to my new Latest version WordPress website at loybanks.com. I'm wanting to setup my own autoresponder on the website. I've already purchased MyAutoResponderPro.com. I'm needing to edit the index.html page, but there isn't one. Yet when I bring up my loybanks.com, there you have essentially a index.html, which doesn't exist anyplace that I can locate. Only .php pages!! Or when I bring up "ViewPageSource" there we have the index page and the html So it's undoubtedly somewhere, but this old man just doesn't know where to edit it!! :)

    HHmmm..so that's my question. Where is it. How can I edit it?

  2. kmessinger
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    Posted 7 years ago #

    Much of the html is in the header.php file that is called up, along with the index.php file. More html might be in text widgets used in the sidebar or in the footer.php file.

  3. WordPress stores your data in a database (usually SQL) and your site formatting in PHP files under your theme folder.

    As for integrating it with MyAutoResponderPro.com I can see by a google that it can be done, though I suspect you'd want to make a PAGE in WordPress. No idea on the details. Every site I look up with it is practically a spam blog. :/

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