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  • There is a new version of Pictorialis out which fixes a couple of issues that were brought up with the Beta and you can download it from
    Fixes for this version include:
    – Built in EXIF support which does not need pre-compiled EXIF in PHP
    – There is a selection mechanism for versions of GD which makes sure you always get the best possible thumbnails and pictures conversion.
    – This also has some file upload fixes which makes sure that the uploaded files do not get erased before the script gets a chance to grab the files.
    – The installation process has also been better defined with some fixes for the installation troubles reported from the previous version.
    As in the pervious version, this new version has the following features:
    – XHTML compliant code
    – Simple once click addition of photos, auto thumbnail and resizing
    – Extraction of EXIF information from original photo and saved as meta
    – Easy installation, as easy as installing WordPress
    – Simple, clean design and look
    – Simple navigation
    My example PhotoBlog with WordPress can be found at Pictorialis

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  • I’ve found post.php- but the instructions arent very clear exactly where to put the changes…
    …nevermind, .I have found it now almost accidentally- was doing a find for your example instead .
    I couldnt see where it said Find this line, but it didnt seem to say which line to find. if you know what i mean.
    thanks again,

    🙂 Sorry. I am glad you found the answer you were looking for. I guess that part of the readme could use a little more work.

    Hey LL, sorry to bother you but I am getting wierdness on my archive page since May popped its head in…any suggestions?
    Also, I can upload the photos no problem, but then their permissions are so low (excuse my ignorance) that they will not post, so I have to go into my sites control panel and set tmen to 777…is there anyway to specify this?

    I suggest you grab the latest release and take a look at the code and the CSS. That takes care of some of the archives issues that you have mentioned. As for the upload issue, the new version takes care of some of that as well. I suggest that after you download the vew version, you replace wp-admin/post.php and create the necessary directories as suggested in the readme
    Backup everything first. The database does not need an upgrade for this version.

    I fixed the readme with the problem mentioned above and in the IRC channel.

    I too am not clear on the “change this line in post.php”…what line do you mean? I’ve not a clue, and the longer I stare at it, the more I realise I’m a doofus! 🙂

    NM: The readme has been updated in the download. I should have thought of that before hand 🙂
    This is the line that needs to be changed according to the example in the readme:
    $UploadDir = ‘Replace with the path to your upload directory, dont forget the trailing slash’;

    Are you talking about the readme.html or the readme.txt? I have the newest download, and the .TXT version is not changed. Just thought I’d let you know.
    Thanks for a great application, BTW. Superb!

    Are you sure NuclearMoose? I see the changes in the .TXT here…

    Hi, I just started using this whole word-press stuff, so may have gotten some wrong, but When I click on the edit button, only the most recent photo entry appears in the list of posts. (should they all be there?) Also, I’ve been having to go into the edit to change the address that the photo links to the full version. In readme, there is an upload folder added in the root dir. at the last step , which this photo’s link points to, but the actual file has been uploaded to the dir created in the first step, which is in wp-admin/upload….how do i fix this?

    Krinkle, I also only see the last entry under the edit tab then I end up having to search, but I amnot wanting to use title on images so I dont even know what to search for….
    LL= can you help us here?

    Sure! I apologize. I thought I had that fix in the download, but I must have lost it somewhere. Here is a quick fix.
    Open up wp-admin/edit.php in your favourite text editor and look for this line:
    Add this line just below the line above:
    $posts_per_page = '-1';
    This controls the number of posts that the edit page displays. If and when your blog grows to hundreds of photos, you coupld replace the -1 (which returns every post for editing) with a number of your choice such as 20.

    Hey LL : I cant figure out how (if possible) I can remove the thumbnails from the index page and have them just show up in the archives.
    Also, whenever I go to edit a post, when I save it, it publishes it a second time, any ideas?
    Also, can I title a post but not have the title show up on the site? I just want to title it so I have a reference in the edit.php page.
    Sorry for bugging you. Thanks.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: imagecreatefromjpeg() in /home/close/public_html/wordpress/wp-admin/post.php on line 38
    Thats what I get when I wanna post 😐

    Kathie: it looks like you dont have GD installed on your server. Try changing the $usePBM value in wp-admin/post.php (towards the top of the file)

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