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  • There is a new version of Pictorialis out which fixes a couple of issues that were brought up with the Beta and you can download it from
    Fixes for this version include:
    – Built in EXIF support which does not need pre-compiled EXIF in PHP
    – There is a selection mechanism for versions of GD which makes sure you always get the best possible thumbnails and pictures conversion.
    – This also has some file upload fixes which makes sure that the uploaded files do not get erased before the script gets a chance to grab the files.
    – The installation process has also been better defined with some fixes for the installation troubles reported from the previous version.
    As in the pervious version, this new version has the following features:
    – XHTML compliant code
    – Simple once click addition of photos, auto thumbnail and resizing
    – Extraction of EXIF information from original photo and saved as meta
    – Easy installation, as easy as installing WordPress
    – Simple, clean design and look
    – Simple navigation
    My example PhotoBlog with WordPress can be found at Pictorialis

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  • it says it cannot open the just created thumb and other img files , for writing. So there is a chmod problem that you know of maybe ?
    Can’t find the piece of script that thakes care of the rights.

    sorry it’s fixed (didn’t read the extra readme here.)
    Thanx also for this piece of software, it’s running in no time (as long as you read the readme that is).

    🙂 Glad you got it working!

    The “readmePhotoLog.txt” file says to:

    Create 2 new directories called “images” and “thumbnail” in your wp-admin folder Change the permissions of these folders to 777 or make them readable and writeable by everyone

    The second directory – I’m almost positive – should be named “thumbnails” (plural) instead of thumbnail.
    Another great piece of programming Laughing Lizard.

    hee hee… very true 😀
    LL had to fix s in the folder for me! 🙂

    hi… excellent instructions and overall very cool stuff !!!
    i do however get this wierdness on when i click on main (not thumbnail) photo where permalink/comments page goes to a page-not-found…
    i did do the the permalink instuctions and added the .htaccess file to that directory.
    i get a url like this (…bwph/upload/042904toofunny.jpg) and a page not found…
    other than that everything works great!
    any ideas?
    thanks for the cool re-tooling photoblog 🙂

    testin it out at…
    clik on the sumo! to see the pnf
    i’ve setup another instance of nomal WP in another directory with it’s own sql… and it works fine with permalinks

    a little more complicated than that. Give me a couple of days to come up with a recent photos script which will give you the ability to show the x number of recent photos as thumbnails which then redirect to pictorialis.
    The other option I am thinking about writing is the ability to upload more than one picture at one time.

    More than one picture at one time? You mean, like, you would upload a series of related photos which would appear as one post? Yeah, I could see that as a good thing.
    I guess as long as the series is on one theme, it might be nice to just have one thumbnail as representative of them all, rather than all of them. Is that how you were planning on doing it?

    Just a question, will this work with WP 1.2?

    thanks, LaughingLizard!

    @anonymous, this is not like any other hack or mod out there. LaughingLizard has used a 1.2 nightly build wordpress and reworked it majorly to get the photolog. So if you want to install it, you have to grab the files from LL’s download site and you will see that the files are basically an entire hacked wordpress. So it’s really like installing a seperate wordpress blog, and yes it is based on 1.2, if that was your question.

    I am just wondering why the comments link won’t show up if I use a link like this:
    But if I link to it like this:
    The comments show up fine.

    I am definitely not having an “easy installation” lol, but I’m trying to follow the instructions & cant see where to put this one:
    3) Open post.php in your wp-admin folder and edit it.
    Find this line and replace it with the real path of your upload directory you
    just created. Like so, example: /home/httpdocs/pictorialis/wp-admin/upload/
    Dont forget the trailing slash
    thanks for any help…

    post.php is inside your wp-admin folder. Open it for editing and make those changes.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 78 total)
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