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  • Hello All,

    The past week I have had tons of issues with updating my website. I have 2 webshops hosted on the same host. All of a sudden nothing wanted to update and started to fool around with the permissions on 1 of my websites. It is only then when I discovered that my maximum volume at my host was all used up. I upgraded the host and 1 website (the one I did not fool around with), started updating as usual. The other however was completely not updating anymore. The plugins did not want to update either. After setting the permission correct again, the plugins were able to update again but the main WordPress update does not work. I keep getting an error (see lower). I’m pretty sure all permissions are correct, I even downloaded plugins to scan for permission problems and I got 0 issues. Anyone has any idea what might have gone wrong?

    Update downloaden van…

    Uitpakken update…

    De update kon niet worden geïnstalleerd omdat we sommige bestanden niet konden kopiëren. Dit komt meestal door inconsistente bestandsrechten.: wp-admin/includes/update-core.php

    Installatie is mislukt

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  • Hello there!

    Have you tried firstly to deactivate all your current plugins and try to update if this solves the issue?

    Please let me know if this works for you. 🙂

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    Considering the steps I followed, this does not make much sense. Everything worked, and half an hour later, after screwing around with the permission settings of the files and folders, this problem occurred. Plugin wise my both websites are identical, one still works perfect (after upgrading our host-volume) and the other one does not work anymore.

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