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  • vibhu000


    My site

    I have a peculiar problem with my website. I have created an “about” page for my website and it was working fine few days ago. But now with the same URL, my theme is showing “page not found”. For example suppose I have set the URL of “about” page as “” and then publish the page but when i type “” in URL box in my Google Chrome then my website shows “page not found”.


    1: (note that the URL is ” /about”)
    2: (with same URL theme is showing “page not found”)

    Same thing also happens with all the links in “top navigation panel(except home)”

    PS it only happens to page not with the posts. I also checked the page and couldn’t find the problem

    I am a beginner and don’t understand the advanced coding language

    Thank You

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  • Rab


    Looks like you’ve resolved this? Seems to work okay for me.

    It’s worth noting for reference that

    Is not the same as

    I see you use Yoast’s SEO Plugin, which has an option to enforce a trailing slash on URLs under the Permalinks options.

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