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  • Tim


    One of my client’s sites (located at is having problems with permalinks.

    Every time i change the permalink settings to anything other than ‘default’ the stylesheet goes completely out the window.

    I have tried everything i could possibly think of (which wasnt much, to be honest) and nothing is working. I have also posted this issue on several other forum sites trying to get help but have not gotten any help whatsoever.

    I’m not sure what information may be needed so here is some general background info:

    the client’s site is self-hosted on a windows server running IIS 11.
    They have a pre existing site on this server built with ASP
    I built the wordpress site in a subdirectory.
    I know nothing about ASP or windows servers.
    The Theme is a child of Twenty Ten

    when viewing in IE9 it looks normal. the stylesheet appears to be funtioning perfectly fine.
    I use a Mac,, so when i test for IE i use Parallels.
    I do not have the ability to test from an actual PC.

    Any browser on Mac (safari, chrome , FF) are all showing the same issue.
    Even Opera Mini on android is showing the same issue.

    when permalinks are set to ‘default’ the site looks precisely as it should (ignoring the issues with the navigation)

    When i change the permalinks to anything other than ‘default’ it looks like this:

    screenshot 2

    Anybody know what could be causing this?
    I have never encountered something like this before.

    I have checked:
    path to stylesheet
    (its the wordpress default php method, but i have also tried ‘hard-coding’ it in HTML, with, unsurprisingly, no difference. I have tried both relative and absolute paths with no difference.)
    web.config file (it appears to be perfectly normal)
    re-installing the theme
    re-installing WP core
    disabling plugins
    reinstalling plugins
    browser cache
    pretty much all the basic things you would check when you have no idea whats going on.

    Thats all i can come up with for now.
    If you need further intel, simply ask.

    I greatly appreciate any and all help!

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  • Site url please?

    Did you try changing permalinks after reverting to 2012 theme with the plugins turned off?



    @ Rajesh Soni – site URL is at the top of the thread

    @ Krishna – why would i change to the 2012 theme? My theme is based on 2010 not 2012.

    Ok can you temporarily change the permalinks, so we can see the problem?






    Your viewing on a PC (i can tell by the look of the browser)
    When i have looked at it from pc browsers it looks fine, but anything else its all screwy.

    the screenshots i provided in the original post are from chrome and firefox on Mac OS X.

    Further example: screenshot from opera mini on Android: Droid

    Yes I am on a PC (Windows 7).
    Though I seriously doubt that it’s a client-side issue.



    Well as i stated in the original post, whenever i have viewed from Windows browsers the site looked fine, but viewing from Mac OS X (or Android) it looked completely wrong.

    @ Krishna – why would i change to the 2012 theme?

    I still feel that the problem is caused by your theme. 2012 is responsive and designed to work on devices using apps such as Android. Testing as I suggested can tell you if it is your theme that causes the problem.

    My theme is based on 2010 not 2012.

    That suggests that you converted 2010 theme and renamed it as americanindustrial. The better option would have been to create a child theme and then customize it so that you can always update your theme without changing the look and functionality of your current theme. It also helps in troubleshooting for which often you have to revert to the default theme.



    Originally i did make a child theme, and in fact the stylesheet imports from 2010.
    I ended up having to modify several files aside from the stylesheet and found it easier to copy the entire 2010 theme minus the stylesheet.

    The problem is not that its looking a particular way on android and normal on everything else.
    The problem is that it looks wrong in every browser on Mac (I mentioned android bc it follows this pattern) but when viewed from a pc it looks normal.

    Someone on another forum responded to this issue and they suggested it might be that rewrites are not enabled on the windows server.
    What are your thoughts on this Krishna?

    Is this the same issue i had :

    ? im becoming crazy because SAFARI doesn’t load correctly ABSOLUTE LINK path for stylesheet
    using relative URL fixed the issues but this is only a workaround!!!

    EDITED : Sorry i didn’t noticed that you tried with relative paths, so it is not the same issue, but im interessting with this case to know what will be the fixe, i also reinstall enterly WordPress but SAFARI doesn’t load correctly with the default code (absolute paths)



    Hello all,

    I am still having this issue. Is anyone knowledgeable enough to help me?
    It has taken me a long time to post in this again asi have been busy with other issues and changes to this and other websites.

    Whenever i change my permalink structure, all logic seems to go out the window.
    I lose alot of my css rules, links no longer work, etc.

    This is how the site looks without “pretty” permalinks:


    here is how my site looks when i change the permalink structure of wordpress:


    the site is americanindustrialinc .com /wp

    the web.config is as follows and was taken directly from the wordpress codex:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <rule name="WordPress Rule" stopProcessing="true">
    <match url=".*" />
    <add input="{REQUEST_FILENAME}" matchType="IsFile" negate="true" />
    <add input="{REQUEST_FILENAME}" matchType="IsDirectory" negate="true" />
    <action type="Rewrite" url="index.php?page_id={R:0}" />

    this issue is now across all browsers. Crome, FF, IE, Safari, Mac, PC.

    I really need to figure out how to fix this so i can make the site live and fulfil my obligation to the client.




    Now, starting from the scratch again, can you deactivate all plugins, switch over to Twenty Thirteen theme and see if your permalinks work or not?

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