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  1. jlqrb
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    My web designer is changing our host from GoDaddy to a dedicated home server because GoDaddy was capping our traffic and our site would crash often due to them limiting the connections.

    We have the server and site setup but when we try to move the files from the server ip address to the actual http address of the site loses all the css and styling. You can see what I mean in the links below.

    What it should look lik ===>
    What is looks like ===> http://hware360.com/

  2. Tara
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  3. david_shearer@yahoo.com
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    I have a similar problem with a new site on a new server with wordpress 3.8 where the transfer of the domain was done without too much thought by the original host and the domain transferred before anyone was ready.

    This is the holding page displayed corrrectly http://businesswideservices.co.uk/wordpress/

    This is what is displayed - the directory index
    - very like yours

    I have tried creating a .htaccess file and adjusting URLs in the general settings page
    all without result - this is the first time I have had a problem with a wordpress install

    Any help appreciated


  4. Tara
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    Please review how and where to post in this forum.

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