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    I have a new blog and got the feedback from a customer that my blog pages are not visible from behind his corporate firewall. Other testers (not sitting behind corporate firewalls) can view the pages fine.

    The blog is in a subdirectory, i.e.

    Strangely, the customer can view blog content from the home page at where we have included a loop for most recent blog and news post excerpts. But when he clicks on title link to blog post he gets the error msg that Internet Explorer cannot display the page.

    The customer can also view other blogs i.e. just not ours.

    I’ve talked to our web host and they think it’s an issue with his corporate firewall.

    Anyone know what could be wrong here? What do I need to do to get my blog displayed from behind a corporate firewall? Is there a way to use MOD_REWRITE to change the way the firewall “sees” the blog so as to let it through?

    I am baffled. Please help.

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  • There might be some word or phrase present in your layout or posts or url of the blog (but not present in your blog and news post excerpts) which is causing this.

    Recently, someone I know, installed wordpress, but it’s main page was not showing, by contacting webhost, it was found that he was using feedburner’s plugin, which added the word “proxy” in main page, which the web host had filtered.

    Your customer’s corporate firewall might be doing something similar.

    Thanks for the tip. This makes sense. I have compared the site’s main /index.php (which the customer can see) and the /blog/index.php (which he cannot) and found some differences. I am not sure which of the following are even needed by the blog???

    <head profile="">

    I don’t want my blog to be listed in some friends network. Can I safely delete this?

    I also noticed that there are two meta name=”keywords” tags, one I created manually and one generated automatically by the Simple Tags Plugin. Is this a problem?

    <base href="" />
    Exists on blog pages but not on the static pages outside the directory /blog

    Then there’s this:
    ‘<meta name=”generator” content=”WordPress 2.6.1″ /> <!– leave this for stats –>’

    <link rel="pingback" href="" />

    <link rel="EditURI" type="application/rsd+xml" title="RSD" href="" />

    <link rel="wlwmanifest" type="application/wlwmanifest+xml" href="" />

    Finally there’s the ShareThis widget which I do want to use.

    <script charset="utf-8" type="text/javascript" src=";charset=utf-8&amp;style=default&amp;publisher=...

    What of all this can I safely delete???

    Problem resolved. Had nothing to do with corporate firewall. The ShareThis plugin was causing the pages not to display in IE6.0.

    After deactivating the plugin, everything works fine.

    Anyone else have similar experience with ShareThis?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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