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  1. nansettensing
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hello! I've been "attacked"! Today when I upgraded to the 2.6 version all my pages got messed up with pagenumber-links all over them (which you can see here: http://nansettensing.no/hvem-er-vi/)... Before I upgraded I used the AskApache Password Protection, which worked great, but after the upgrade this plugin didn't want to reactivate itself. I tried to setup it again, but it kept saying the .htacces3-something.... wasn't readable or writeable (something they are). But now the spams are back again. A while ago my dmsguestbook was attacked by spam, which resulted that I installed the AskApache and this fixed the problem, but now that I cannot setup I need help. What's going on?

    Please help me :)

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