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  • I’m actually quite suprised that this hasn’t come up previously. (yes, I’ve searched first.)

    Anyway, it appears the way WordPress handles the retrieval of Page content is different from the way it retrieves Post content, and this in effect breaks the WordPress Markdown 1.01 plugin for filtering Page content.

    Which is odd, because they both call the the_content function, a filter which is replaced by the Markdown plugin. Has anyone got any idea why this may be? I’d at least like to modify the Markdown plugin (or WordPress core) to suit my needs here.

    I guess not as many people use the new Pages as previously thought, or we’d see this question pop up more often. =/

    EDIT: Actually, you know what? I figured it out. I was including my Pages on my index with the Include Page plugin by Brent Loertscher – apparently it overrides the Markdown formatting that is definately applied when I view the Page alone. I’ll snoop around the plugin, see if I can’t fix it up for Markdown compatibility and then fire off an email to Brent.

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