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    If you have it setup with the wrong siteurl or homeurl, then you will need to change those and yes, the redirect will not work immediately afterward. You’ll have to go to your blog admin page again with the correct URL.

    Also, prettified permalinks require Apache or a webserver that can process .htaccess files correctly. IIS/ISAPI does not do this.

    Uninstall IIS and use Apache instead. Apache is the standard, IIS is garbage.



    The problem with the options page seems to be due to using $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’] (although I could be wrong as php is not a language I am familiar with) so the changes to home and siteurl fields make no difference to this. Is there any way of changing this without manually going through the code and altering all uses of this?

    I can not change to apache as I need to use IIS for my other sites which use

    I’m not familiar with the way word press works, does it really matter what web server your on? Does word press not just process the url which is passed to it, so if it is passed “2006/12/07/a-article-name/” does it not just receive the whole url, and parse it to get the date of the article and the name and then look this up in the database?, if not how does the web server that is serving the url effect the permalinks?





    If your WP install is in a folder named “blog” – the site_url can NOT be anything else but pointing toward the real, physical location of the installation! You cannot change those URIs to “fantasy” values.

    WP might work with IIS but according to the number of posts around here about the crappy functionality of that server… it is better to avoid it.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    WordPress will process the URI passed to it. However if you’re using IIS, you have no way to pass the URI to it. That’s what the .htaccess does in Apache, it redirects all calls to the index.php for processing. In IIS, you’re just calling a non-existent page.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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