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  • I switched to Textpattern, and thought it rocked. But after a week or so … I have to say that WordPress is better, even lacking a few of the features that Textpattern has — multiblog, and the ability to manage my entire site.
    I’d much rather hack PHP and mess around with WordPress includes than use Textpattern. Why? I have no idea. But using Textpattern feels like using Windows XP, whereas WordPress is rather much more like Linux.

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  • Moderator Matt Mullenweg



    Dang, I was hoping we could be OS X.

    But the real question is the Gnome or KDE desktop?

    allusion: When I think about it, MovableType is the OS X of blogging solutions. GNOME has a definite advantage over OS X, and it will start to show in few iterations.
    Guvner: GNOME.

    Hmm, wordpress can’t be our Linux. Unix/Linux follow a very modular concept, while wordpress still offers everything in one big package, just like Windows XP does … sorry to disappoint you 🙂
    But yes, it OWNS 🙂

    Well it’s hardly a *big package*. And it is getting smaller.

    Noooooo. WordPress can’t be XP. That’s got to be MT.

    Hmm… I see it as more of an Opera vs. IE thing (or FireFox vs. IE, I guess) rather than an OS thing. It’s a smaller, faster package that works (better) out of the box, but it’s modular enough that it can be customized if you want, AND it doesn’t discriminate among platforms.
    (Of course that might be because I’ve never tried a different OS, so I have no way to compare on that basis. I intend to switch to Linux before too many things just won’t work on ’98 (I’m already running into a few problems in that regard). But I haven’t got a round tuit because I find the multitude of choices intimidating. How to choose? I have no idea. But I’ve been specifically looking for software that runs on both. One of the many reasons I went with WP.)

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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