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  • I have a feature request the website. Specifically the plugin support pages.
    When you visit the support page of a plugin you see a searchbox on the left side. It would be logical if you can use that searchbox to search inside all the support topics of the plugin you’ve opened the support for. But it does not do that. The searchbox title says it’s searching in plugins. Why would i am want to search for plugins if i am on a support page? There is no reason to that.

    My request is to change the searchbox on the support topics index of a plugin so you can search in the support topics instead. It prevents duplicate topics, ’cause your question or problem might already by answered or solved before. So you can simply look up that answer. It makes the support page of a plugin much more convenient.

    I want to search something for the plugin Event Manager ( The support page has many topics, so the change might be that there is probably already a topic where my question is answered, but i don’t see way to easy search on that.

    Can this feature be added to the support topics index page?

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  • Hi Borneyak! Sorry to hear about the frustration. While the current searchbox problem persists, there’s an alternative to searching a section of support in for the time being.

    As mentioned in the using the support forums page in the search first section, it gives a suggestion of utilizing google to search in certain parts of the forum.

    Search First

    Before you do anything, it’s usually a good idea to try searching Google for an answer to your problem.

    It’s good practice to limit your searches to a specific website. You can structure your Google query to return results from only the WordPress Support Forum by using the following format: keyword1 keyword2

    Note that there isn’t a space after the colon. If this doesn’t give you the answer, search the Codex. Alter your Google query to look like this: keyword1 keyword

    Remember, the Codex has a specific page for Troubleshooting and a FAQ to solve and answer most common problems/questions.

    In your current situation, the search in google would look something along these lines:

    ( eventquestionkeyword1

    Hopefully this temporarily solves the problem until the searchbox is back to normal.

    Hello @borneyak, hello @eallas,

    First sorry for my english.
    Second thank you for your question that comes to me as a true question! Guys, it’s been so long that I am answering it to my-self each time I start typing into that search field.
    How can the website of websites be so weak on that point ? It’s so boring to have to browse the 138 pages (and more) of a support plugin, hoping to find someone asking what you ask and finally writing your own question that might have already been posted…
    I definitely don’t understand how it is still a general plugin search field while you are IN a support plugin, which means that, at that time, you don’t care for other plugins but you care for the one that you are browsing!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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