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  • I’m a React.js developer and in our ecosystem we have luckily very modern ad easy to use Documentation sites like this one for example

    But visiting you instantly feel teleported back in time, wordpress is always using the word “accessibility” but without caring much itself, As I said I’m a React developer and use my skills to build blocks for the Block Editor but looking at the block editor docs and specifically the wordpress/component docs is horrible, there is no preview of the component, as soon as you click a component link the navigation looses focus and you need to scroll and search where you where before. Compare this with the Docs I mentioned at the beginning, All I can say the developer team around wordpress needs some young React.js team who understand what the future is and rebuild everything from scratch.

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    I know this response seems like a blow off of your issue, but it’s real and true. WordPress is a volunteer driven project. Would you like to volunteer to help with this? Even if you don’t, do you know some of those “young” people who like to document things? See

    Also, each doc page should have a feedback link, so as you find time, please provide constructive feedback.

    update: Another thought. Yes, you’ve posted in the forums, but the forums are for tech support and the people who make decisions and do the work are probably not going to see your post. Decisions get made, things get done by the people who “show up”. If you want to make change, “show up”.

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    It’s not about contributing to the current docs, whole needs to be rebuilt from ground up. If anything will kill wordpress than nostalgic people.

    > It’s not about contributing to the current docs

    Yes. It is.
    In fact everything in a FOSS ecosystem is exclusively about contributing.

    I encourage you take your skills and provide insight if nothing else. If you provide your comments in the right space, then things can be actionable.

    Take your pick as to where you think you can make a differnece:

    Making WordPress

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    needs to be rebuilt from ground up

    The system exists in very well defined sections, and they are always getting iterated on, but wiping the slate clean and starting over is always a bad idea.

    The truth is that everybody thinks they would do everything different, when they are a young programmer. And then they actually try to do it, and end up having to solve the same problems as the previous version did, because when they wiped that slate clean, they lost all the accumulated knowledge and fixes for problems that were built into it.

    It’s never a good idea to start over fresh. It’s a better idea to build on top of what came before, replace what needs replacing, and fix what needs fixing. What you’re discussing is basically redoing a theme. That’s it. Not starting over. Just making a visual change in how you access and display the data. Doesn’t change all the stuff that underlies it.

    Also, React isn’t made from magic beans. It has issues too.

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    @otto42 This is what I meant with nostalgic feelings will let this project fall behind sooner or later.

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    *Reads. Drink coffee nostalgically.*

    Here’s the problem: except for stating “Young! New! Cool!” you have not identified a problem that needs fixing. You have identified an issue (known one too) about the development documentation. You can contribute there if you like.

    You are going to have to do better to explain yourself if you want your idea to even be considered. Nothing you posted explains that and I have no idea what “nostalgia feelings” have to do with a site that works.

    Does it work perfectly? No, of course not. But React.js is in no means a magic panacea and any site that has been around and working will have problems from way back.

    Doing it all over from scratch doesn’t change that or fix those problems.

    Here’s my take @jeremiva is complaining without offering actual constructive solutions. That’s clear.

    Is the existing system perfect? Of course not. Heck even paid solutions aren’t perfect and wordpress and its associated sites/knowledge bases etc are all done by volunteers giving up their own time.

    It doesn’t appear to have held wordpress back much as far as the general use is concerned, so those valuable free developer efforts are best focused elsewhere.

    We have saying here in Australia “put up or shut up”. Which is a succinct way of saying – if you aren’t paying, and aren’t willing to become part of the solution by volunteering, then you have no right to complain.

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    We have saying here in Australia “put up or shut up”.

    I believe that is “G’day, put up or shut up, mate”, but point taken. 🤪

    Nevertheless, his point is that that particular site design seems old. And he’s right, there’s nothing wrong with stating that.

    But the site design is fungible. It’s just a theme. Themes are easy to remake. It’s not a case of a complete overhaul. That’s one of the advantages of WordPress, themes can be redone without complete site changes.

    Constructive feedback would be to address the theme directly, which is also open source, BTW:

    If somebody wants to start a project to make a better theme using react or whatever the fad of the day is, then more power to them. That’s the great thing about it, anybody can contribute in the way they know best.

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