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  • After a forum topic has been created,
    I notice that if it has the “This topic is not a support question” left unchecked,
    then there is a small word “Edit”.
    This “Edit” is placed immediately above the reply editor box at the bottom of the page.

    It is possible for a user who sees this, to (erroneously) assume that it is a title for the edit(editor) box below it, or possibly a link to somewhere.
    But it is a function, that enables the author to re-edit their first topic entry.

    This is a very useful feature.
    But it could be made a bit more obvious about it’s function.
    “Obviousness” could be improved by putting it closer to the first topic article, at the bottom, at the top, beside the title of the article, or all of those locations.
    The fact that it is an actionable function (rather than possibly looking like a highlighted title, or a link to some place), could be emphasised by having the appearance of a button.
    It could also be labelled “Re-Edit” or “Re-Edit this” or “Re-Edit this topic”

    I have also noticed that this feature is not available, after having created a topic that does have the “This topic is not a support question” checkbox checked.
    It would be just as useful in this situation, as it would make the correction of typos and formatting problems easy to repair, before becoming permanent.

    Thank you

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