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    The unsubscribe is temporarily broken. It’s being worked on.

    Thread Starter Benjamin


    Lol, Ok.



    Yes I am getting the same. I subscribed to 1 topic and tried to unsubscribe afterwards but am now getting spammed with all sorts of topics I am not even interested in!

    Me too. Looking forward to the fix!

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

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    If you subscribed to a forum, you need to visit that forum and unsubscribe from it directly.


    Unsubscribe link is at the very top of the listing.

    I have gotten 32 e-mails in 18 hours, without being subscribed to any forum. How do I fix this?



    I subscribed to one topic too and got my question answered and I understand the unsubscribe link has been broken now for over a month (that’s when I first tried to unsubscribe) but I am getting TONS of emails about topics I am not even interested in. I have just come back off holiday and I have dozens of emails from the forum in my inbox! PLEASE FIX IT ASAP

    I only subscribed to a topic a month ago which I don’t remember now! But getting tons of emails everyday from hundreds of different topics which I am not interested in! How I can tell WordPress to stop overflowing my inbox and only stick to the threads I am subscribed to?

    I think there should be a way to know what topics I am subscribed to so that I can easily unsubscribe from those I no longer need to follow up!

    I am also receiving notifications of topics I am not subscribed or I try to unsubscribe. Is there any fix planned?

    I read this thread and it look like that there still is no solution for unsubscribing from a topic. I can’t figure this out.

    I clicked on the notifying me of follow up emails. Now I’ve added another flow of more emails to my box.

    Same here! Completely insane. I asked a question about timely event calendar. Stop!!!!

    I’m still receiving email. I am not subscribe to any notification. Please make it stop!

    I am also receiving notifications of topics I am not subscribed to. I have unsubscribed and I still get notifications flooding my email. Is there any fix planned?

    Hey WORDPRESS Support!!

    Please for fix this misunderstanding about Plugin Forum subscription and Topic forum subscription just add a link in email notification for UNSUBSCRIBE the Plugin Forum not only for topic.

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    I am also getting floods of emails from what seems to be every wordpress topic being replied to anywhere. I did not sign up for all those topics either. I signed up for one topic to get responses maybe a month or two ago, and sometime in the last month I started getting floods of emails every day from numerous forums daily. I followed the link on a few of them to try to unsubscribe but I am not subscribed to any of them. I don’t recognize the topics.
    Also I tried to turn email notifications off altogether and it’s still happening.
    Any help is appreciated. I’d hate to just block because I’d like to get some responses if I sign up to something. Individually unsubscribing from all these forums is not an option because I’m not subscribed to any of the ones I’ve checked (or any that I know of anymore). My email is not in the “to” box at all in the emails I am getting either. They are coming from “ Forums (” and in the to box it says they are being sent to but appearing in my inbox.

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