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  • I’m seeking to use WordPress as a Content Management System for several “sites” under the one domain name of
    Each “site” would be managed by its own editor, dealing with sea change issues in their locality – – with me a top administrator.
    Each site would have its own subscription arrangements for access to some specific information within that site.
    Any blog attached to any of the “sites” would be secondary to the main content.

    Would that be feasible within WordPress, or would WordPress MU be better to manage the whole?
    (given that WordPress is primarily not a CMS system)

    Or, (dare I say it) some other system, such as Joomla ?

    Thanks in advance,

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    At this stage, you could already do this with WPMU 2.9.2 already. You will be Site Admin (super admin in WP 3.0) and you will have access to all sub-blogs created within your installation. Each sub-blog will have Admin/s.

    You can say it, Joomla, but then I would say, what?!? Your Admins and Editors will find it easier to post content and find it easier to navigate in WordPress than in Joomla, among other benefits 🙂


    Thanks mercime for your response.
    However, my issue is using WordPress as a CMS, rather than a blog.

    I’ve currently created a rough prototype site to experiment with, to see what I want to achieve (using version 2.9.2). Several things I notice already:

    1) I don’t appear to be able create separate Categories for ‘Pages’.

    2) When I create an ‘Author’ under me as Administrator, I can’t see any way of limiting the Categories into which that Author can Post (or write Pages).

    Essentially, I want each ‘Category’ (or some other division) to be a separate section of the site.
    Is this possible ?

    Your comments would again be appreciated.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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