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  • i have a problem of VPS or wordpress not confirm yet.

    i have a blog. AVG traffic =50k AVG Ram usage=80MB and CPU usages=350.

    but CPU makes spikes.up to 900..

    i have a problem that i am facing “The connection has timed out” when every login to VPS or WordPress domain. i am sure this is not a ISP problem. i check it upto 3MBPS connection as well.

    when every i start posting.. its gives”The connection has timed out” and when i restart VPS it take 1 mint.and then give The connection has timed out error. but after VPS restart every thing will ok for 5 mints.

    when i post on my blog.. traffic goes down for a mint and then ..go up..

    i am confuse this is wordpress issue or VPS?. i just switch my server from Apache to lighttpd. because apache also giving me same problem

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  • Does “when you login to VPS” mean when you ssh into, or otherwise connect, to the VPS for administrative purposes or are you just talking about logging into your WordPress site?

    It sounds to me like a server issue, honestly. It could be a bottleneck in the internet connection on your host’s side. It could also be a MySQL issue, maybe.

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