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  • gary


    Good morning, looking for advice from any ‘experienced’ designers if possible?

    I want to create a small community hub, I have a couple of WP sites already and have built several html sites but thought WP woudl be the ay to go as my site will require the following:

    Blog | Polls | Forum | Classified Ads | User Photo Upload to name a few.

    The stumbling block I have is that in time I will offer users the option of having their own 1 page portal inside this site, maximum of 20 pages I imagine. I would need these to have their own css, and contact forms which would email that pages contact only. Each page should also have its own sidebar so I can tailor content to that user only, as well as have its url as a subdomain..

    Main portal –
    Customer page –

    With the above in mind should I be looking at simple html to achieve this? I have researched Themeforest extensively and as yet cannot find a theme that will allow pages to have their own sidebars or css?

    Any advice appreciated..

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  • If you are looking to create a small network of sites with a parent site and “child sites” with subdomains, WordPress seems to be the way to go, with the Multisite option.

    Then, on each child site that is created, you can choose to use a different theme, or a similar theme with different widgets applied.

    Does that help?



    Thanks Jeremy, yes that is indeed helpful. Do you know if its possible to have html pages exists on Linux/WP hosting? I am thinking of creating the main site with WP with user pages written in html. When a user clicks a link in main site it will load new window with html page inside?

    I was thinking perhaps I need to create new directory somewhere, create the css and html pages and simply point any link on the WP site that.

    Again, having not really worked with Linux or Apache much I am at a loss if this would even work.



    You can achieve such a result with WordPress pages. You create a site in the network, and you can then create pages with whatever content on it.

    But if your aim is to have only one single page for each subdomain, if you will be the only one editing that page, if you don’t plan on editing that page that often, then you probably don’t need a CMS like WordPress.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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