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  • Hi, I’m new here.

    I am deciding between Word Press and Movable Type.

    My main question is, I want to start a community type blog where there are a couple of different authors, writing daily stories and inputting varied content. The community will interact with the authors and submit their comments and input as well. I also want to let users sign up for weekly newsletters.

    Does Word Press offer “author” templates, like Movable Type does?

    If WP does have the author templates, which Version should I use?

    I plan on eventually having millions of members, and have it become a very powerful blog site.


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  • Does WordPress offer “author” templates, like Movable Type does?

    Sure, with options (see Template_Hierarchy)

    Always use the current version. 2.7.1 as of this writing.

    There are quite a few very large sites with multiple authors hosted on WordPress. Some with very large amounts of traffic – see for a list.

    hey Chris,

    I am new to WordPress, but I’d like to start now. I was debating which version I should use (debating between free or self-hosted..)

    I already own the domain I want on GoDaddy (bought it awhile ago), and I also have another separate website running on a dedicated server at GoDaddy, with enough room for the blog site on WP.

    Also, I was looking over Movable Type, and they charge users for the customized user templates. Does WP do that?

    If the blog all of a sudden takes off, what kind of charges would there be, if any, if I had it hosted on my server versus with you etc.

    the main thing is that I plan to develop a grand site, with many authors, many users, and lots of traffic etc. I plan to get ad revenue as well.

    What would the best route to go? Should I start with free blog then upgrade? Or just go from my dedicated server etc..

    Here at, we don’t host anything. You download the software and run it on your own servers.
    Over at, they provide free hosting for you. If you want to customize above and beyond what they offer, you can pay. vs.

    If you run software from here (.org) nobody from here will ever charge your for anything. You’ll have to pay your own hosting, of course.

    I’m not positive, but I don’t believe the folks at allow ads.

    oh ok

    so for the blog I start from scratch I’d be better off going self hosted on

    I also have a blog on blogger (a separate project) that I wanted to bring over. Would I bring that over to a format or to my self-hosted server as well..


    also, if I export the current blog I have on blogger, to Word can I eventually transfer it over to my own self hosted server?


    so you have some stuff on blogger. you can import it to
    also, you can export all you have on (this includes the blogger stuff if you had eventually transfered it over there) to a self hosted wordpress blog
    is that what you were looking for?

    yea thanks

    now what I have is a dedicated server with a hosting company, which my friends and I developed another site. At the time, he did more of the server work, and I did more of the graphic design work.

    So now, (even after transferring my blogger accounts to, which eventually will be trasnferred to my dedicated server), how would I get started “from scratch” on

    I’m trying to build my own community blog with a template from, and eventually customize it myself when I have time. For now I just wanted to know if you had any tips in the initial setup of the WordPress folders and files etc.


    The server we have now is a different format than what I’m originally used to, that’s why I just want to make sure I place WP folders in corresponding area etc.

    It’s a Windows 2003 Server (64-bit) with MySQL Database. We did the other main site in, but I’m willing to do this WP blog site in a different language if necessary, I just want it to have community features (weekly email newsletter), and authors writing daily articles, and I want to customize the template. Also, people can join the site and interact and post comments, photos, videos, etc.

    I don’t know if WordPress will work on your server.
    You should have Apache installed (there’s a Win32 version), and its mod_rewrite. Linux is recommended, though it might work on Windows, I don’t know.
    Check here for the rest of the details.

    On the other hand, I think you may like the idea of multi-blogging software. There’s a version of WordPress, called WordPressMU, that lets you create a community of blogs, where each author can create and maintain its own blog. I don’t know if that’s what you want. If so, go take a look. However, I think the requirements for it must be pretty similar to normal WordPress.

    It’s only my opinion, but I think that if you want to make the best use of free software, you should change to Linux. But that’s up to you.

    Hope it works

    Oh ok, I check that out, and MU is definitely what I’m looking for, as I want to start more than one blog.

    If I start a blog, hosted free by WP (as my server doesn’t serve fit, so I was going to do a blog to start), can I switch over to self-hosted later?

    Also, similarly, if I start a blog, can I switch it over to WP MU? Or could I just do WP MU right away? (Not sure if you can do that on

    [The thing is that right now, I only have Windows server, and was going to go the free hosting route with WP, until I started to see some traffic, then switch over to a WP server etc.]

    Lastly: With, can I put Google AdSense or any other banner ads.

    And, with, can I use one of the customized templates from ? Or are those templates only for self-hosted..

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