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  • Any experienced blog man who can say me differences between cmsblog (nucleus) and wordpress… Advantages and disadvantages!
    I have to take a decision… (multiple blog is important to me, but not too. I have unlimited databases for multiple installs)

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  • Nucleus/Blogcms is really Multi-blog (I’ve used it for 2 years), and the core works really well. It’s stable, secure, and has o.k. member management. Some things are less straightforward, and things like Trackback and Fancy URL’s can only be accomplished with plugins.
    BlogCMS is actually Nucleus with a lot of plugins preinstalled, some skins, and somewhat integrated.
    WP is still singel-blog, so you’d need multiple installs. But there is more functionality included in the core, like TB, nice url’s, metadata options, better user management. Also, the development of WordPress is going at a faster pace at the moment…

    What about Plog? I have been seen it and look pretty. Very Easy Admin Interface and a power multiblog process. Easy mount a free multiBlog system service in your server with only one database. Users blog are capable (if admin set it) to create automatically, with a simple process register, their own blogs. I like it a lot. Its an interesting alternative too.

    i tried blogcms (running locally) and i have to say i didn’t see any huge advantage that would make me change to blogcms.
    alright, blogcms supports multiple weblogs in one installation but that’s about it. everything else seems to be more awkward. eg. i had problems finding categories (how to set them up), subcategories don’t seem to be supported and that’s a big minus for as i got used to this feature of wp.
    multiple blogs: making a second wp installation went as painless as the first one and with a brower that has tabbed browsing (such as firefox) you get used to having two tabs with the to admin areas (remeber the old mt days? switching from one blog to the other was not as convenient as having two tabs).
    bottomline: no need to switch to blogcms just for the multiple blog feature. the import of the wp dump did not work properly.

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    Your best bet is to try out as much stuff as possible, either on the opensourcecms site linked above or on your own account, and see what fits you best. There’s no one package that’s right for everyone.

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