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  • Hi,

    I recently upgraded my personal blog to 2.5 and of course, running into a few problems (like everyone else) and also miss all of the available plugins for version 2.3.3.

    I volunteered for a project, building a tabloid (newspaper) style of site similar to this one but maybe not so fancy.

    So, I’m debating if I should use WP or a more powerful CMS such as Drupal, Joomla (which I hate with a passion) but being familiar with WP, I feel I should give it a go (unless suggested otherwise).

    If I were to use WP, would I be better off using 2.3.3 vs. 2.5 on account of plugins and theme compatibility? If so, can anyone suggest a good template (I’ve downloaded and tried a few and they were so-so) for such a project?

    Any input would be appreciated.

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  • just for sharing. I have two website. One for the online bussiness, and i use CMS and the other is my personal blog and curently use wordpress 2.5.
    So, if you want to run a news website, go for CMS. but if you just wanna make a blog, wordpress is the best.

    For a news sharing website, a blog is perfect – searchable, many different posts, categories of news, upload photographs, links to other sites, videos (via plugins) – WordPress has everything you need.

    2.3.3 is my current preferred choice. – Just because of the availability of all the themes and plugins. is a good start – just modify as needed.


    Thanks for the input.

    I decided to go with WP 2.3.3 and it looks like it’ll do the work, you can see it at (no real content yet, only test material).

    I sure wish I could find a working pagination and a “lock” comments (such as found on forum software’s “lock thread”) plugins for comments though. Also, a working bridge to a forum where users would be forced to register on the blog to have access to the forum (no forum registration).


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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