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  • A lot of people have been looking for an easy way to make daily backups of their WP Mysql database. Rather than re-inventing the wheel, I modified an existing MySql Backup script to work from inside the admin page in WordPress using the WordPress variables. Click on the link below to download the zip file with the installation instructions. It is very simple to install and lets you download the backup files to your local computer as well. I hope someone finds this useful. Please post comments, questions and suggestions.

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  • Thanks for the script, it’s working fine, but with one slight anomoly:
    After running the script, I get the “dump” page, with all the relevant info:
    datasourcename, table counter, filesize, status
    When I click the “Download the new Backup Sql file” link, however, I get a page not found error. The URL is exactly correct, and if I FTP into my site I can see the file there in all it’s glory and download it that way to my desktop.
    Not a big deal, since I can FTP in…but it’s strange the server thinks it’s not there when it is…

    That directory does not have view permissions. When you changed the permissions of the backup folder, did you also assign read permissions to it? I would think that is the problem.

    @ Cena, Sisob, Sushubh, Pezastic and others that expressed interest in a restore script:
    I have made some changes to the Backup procedure and added the Restore script to it. Now you have the ability to backup your MySql database and download it locally, backup your WordPress folder and download it locally, and restore your MySql database, all from the comfort of a web interface (which can be integerated into the WP admin interface). There is added password protection thrown in as well.
    I had the nasty fortune of using my own backup and restore script this morning which forced me to code some bugfixes and finally emerged into a completely different way of backing up and restoring.
    Please download the new version from the same link:
    This has not been tested on a Windows web server (and I am not sure if the applications that I use are present in a Windows/MySql installation, but I need some feedback)
    Please let me know what you think.

    I can take a look on windows at some point.

    Thanks for your help David. :=)

    I’ve tried using the backup and I get the following error messages, I’ll put a link because they’re so long. The first one is I have the dump file set at 766. Then I changed permissions, on the folders: set the dump folder to 744 and the backup folder to 766 and got the
    Anyone know what I’m doing wrong? I wanted to back up everything since the new WP is out.

    thanks laughinglizard – very nearly idiotproof!
    here’s to hoping the upgrade is the same.

    Jackie: Make sure your webserver has write priviledges to that backup directory. If you are using a shell, use chmod -R 766 backupfoldername. Otherwise, make sure these permissions for the folders are being propagated down. Its a permission issue (as im sure you know by now 🙂 )

    Is this compatible with WordPress 1.0 Platinum?

    Why am I the only one who can never get this stuff working? I was still getting the error messages and I made sure the dump.php, dump directory, dump/, and dump/backup files and directories were all set at 766. Then it told me to include the entire path, so on line 26 of the dump.php, I changed it to
    ” include (“/hsphere/local/home/jackiefg/”);”
    However, I’m still getting this:
    Warning: main(/hsphere/local/home/jackiefg/ failed to open stream: Permission denied in /hsphere/local/home/jackiefg/ on line 26
    Warning: main(): Failed opening ‘/hsphere/local/home/jackiefg/’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /hsphere/local/home/jackiefg/ on line 26
    and a whole page more of this message. What is happening with this and what am I missing? I’m following all the directions exactly, and it works for everybody else.

    I’ve been using it with WP 1.0 for about a week now and it works great. There aren’t any references to b2vars anywhere in the files. It does have a brvars.php file, which calls in wp-config.php.

    LOL…thats right…It has been a while since I looked at it! Thanks for the correction MtDewVirus. So there! This is 1.0 compatible! 🙂

    No problem! Thanks for coding such a great hack!

    I was unable to get the password protection to work, had to disable it for the backup scripts (left it on for the restore). The variable simply did not appear to be passed to the php scripts called.

    @tvleavitt: It is a simple html form with php validation, nothing fancy. What was the error that you were receiving? Do you have register_globals turned on?
    @buffy: Thats another strange error. Which directory are you changing the permissions on? You could rename the path in brvars.php and create a fresh directory. I have a feeling there is a configuration problem there somewhere. If you are confused about some of the readme instructions, email me or post on here and I will try to help.

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 46 total)
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