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  • I just installed a new blog on Yahoo. Everything is working fine and I have customized the theme along with an image.

    However, there is a line in the top left corner to “home” that is not in the theme (it was there with the original Yahoo install) and appears on top of the graphic used in the top of the theme.

    What file is this link in? This is my first install with 2.0, but I have installed about 7 other wordpress blogs and had no problem eliminating and changing links in the header section — they were always in the theme before.

    I don’t want this link there! Or at the very least I wanted to change it to a hotmap link like the header is in 1.5.

    This is driving me crazy. 😉

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  • Nevermind, I found it. Turns out both themes that I switched between shared the same command in the header file.

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