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  • I know that wordpress is usually host on linux, but is there problem with windows ? Does wordpress run on windows lees good ?

    Thank you

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  • Most people run it on Linux but doing it in Windows environment is ok as well.

    It should work fine on Windows, although as RichardWPG says the majority of people probably use Linux for hosting for it. Linux can often be more cost effective and gives excellent hosting performance if you go with a good host.

    I run WordPress on Windows 7 (my box) to test and configure.

    In a word, yes it’s possible.

    Yes it is possible to run WordPress on Windows, as long as the web server running it can run PHP applications. For more information on how to run PHP on IIS 7 refer to

    As NuBlue-Hosting and RichardWPG suggested, typically linux hosting is cheaper than Windows. But if you already have a Windows box and want to run WordPress on it, there should not be any problems. All the procedures to intall and configure are exactly the same.



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    It’s possible but it’s also a lot harder to wrangle WordPress on a Windows IIS server. If you have a choice, I suggest you opt for Linux ghosting whenever possible.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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