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  • Hello,I try to host my WordPress blog on my mid 2011 Mac mini following this tutorial:
    Re: How can I install WordPress on OS X Server
    Aug 7, 2012 11:50 PM (in response to kohncreative)
    I have WordPress running on my Mountain Lion Server. You can use the PG4WP plugin found here so MySQL won’t be needed:

    Before you can do the install, you will need to do a few things:

    1. Configure PostgreSQL to listen on

    sudo serveradmin settings postgres:listen_addresses = “”

    2. Start PostgreSQL:

    sudo serveradmin start postgres

    It may already be started by one of the other services that uses it (e.g. Wiki, Calendar, Profile Manager, …).

    3. Create a WordPress database, create the WordPress database user, and change ownership of the database to the user:

    sudo -u _postgres psql postgres -c “create database wordpress_test_db”
    sudo -u _postgres psql postgres -c “create user wordpress_test_user with password ‘xyzzy'”
    sudo -u _postgres psql postgres -c “grant all privileges on database wordpress_test_db to wordpress_test_user”

    Obviously, you should change the stuff that’s in bold text.

    4. In -> Web, check the box to enable PHP web applications.

    After you’ve done those things, it’s a snap to follow the PG4WP and standard WordPress installation instructions.
    OS X Server
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    Wordpress is now installed on my server but when I try to upload a file WordPress display that the parent directory is not writable.
    Thank you for you answer.

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    WordPress display that the parent directory is not writable.

    See Changing File Permissions « WordPress Codex

    Thanks for the answer,I change the file permission with BBEdit(With command File > Open from FTP Server >Entered my server info, username, password, pressed ‘Connect’
    Then clicked on the files and folders and pressed ‘ Info’ and configure the Write and execute option for everyone).I don’t have error now but when I try to upload an image intro a post I have an icon with a ?.

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