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  • I had a question. Is WordPress, NOT WordPress MU, able to work on multiple servers on the same site? If a site gets too big, and needs to start sharing servers and databases, does it all still work properly? I mean with the logins and plugins and all? I know that big companies use WordPress, but is there any requirements/hacks to run it off of multiple servers? The first part is all that concerns me, as a bonus question, is there any links that talk/explain this?

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  • Short answer is Yes. IF, and that’s a big if, you had a WP site that got enough traffic to warrant having the db on its own dedicated server and the source code on a separate server, then that would be pretty easy to set-up…and, in fact, is common on many high-traffic database driven sites.

    Any specific lists/tutorials of needed things to make it work. I have two servers I am running my site off, but its not coming out the way it should be, and I was wondering if there was a guide for accomplishing this?

    I don’t have any, but you may try Googling something like Remote Database Connection. Really, the only thing you would do is have the source code on one server and the db on another server…shouldn’t too difficult.

    Thats what I thought…. But then there were DNS issues, and when that was fixed, one server had a messed up “pretty url”, so they copied some settings to the second server, which fixed that, but then I activated a plugin and it broke it again…. its getting frustrating. All I am looking for is to have the servers in sync which I have, but its just too much trouble…. but I do need it to work. Crap. I have searched Google, numerous times, but nothing is coming up with guides of having WordPress on different servers. I do have the databases synched up, and I thought that would be all, but no, no its not.

    It’s beginning to sounding like you are wanting server replication or mirroring instead of splitting the source code and DB onto different servers?

    One will give you the exact same thing on both servers and keep them in sync.

    The other splits your code and db onto different servers for performance improvement.

    Either way, I can’t be of much more help (not that I helped that much anyway :-)), but I think you need to clarify what it is you are wanting to accomplish.

    That is more of what I am looking for. At this time I have the DB replication settings, but I have to upload the same files to both of the servers.

    I have a similar question:

    I have two servers used with the load balancer and I want to install WordPress. When users login to create post, I want the content to be saved in the database on server 1. Are the following steps ok, or is there a better way?

    Install wordpress in both servers
    Install database in server 1 (I want the content centralized in one database)
    Point both configuration files to database in server 1 (how?)

    What happens when I login to customize the layout or change any other settings, is all this saved in the database or files are updated too? In that case, what do I do to be sure that the core and setting files are the same in both servers?

    Thanks for your help.

    I have been wrestling with this for a few months now. Here is how far I got. You will need to keep both servers updated with all of the same files so it does not break. That means that any plugin or file you upload to one server, you do to the other. Keeping them both in sync is a must.

    As for the database, that is the way I have it set up now. I have one main database one server 1, and I have it set so that server 2 gets its database from server 1. This ensures that all of the comments and posts are the same whent your site is visited by different people on different servers.

    The basic solution is to set up your main server wp-config with all of the info you set up, then for server 2 you would need to put the login information for server one, but where it says “local” you would put the ip address of the server 1 where the database is being brought in from.

    I really had a pain in the @ss setting this up. I strongly suggest talking to your hosting provider and getting them to help you set this up as they also had to make some apache changes so that they are the same on both of my servers so they handle info the same way. It was a HUGE pain getting it all figured out. One issue I have that might be permanant is that I cannot use WP-SuperCache plugin as it messes up some info on my servers. Dunno why exactly but I just cant use it. Other than that I think I have it all set up.

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