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  1. mdumka
    Posted 6 years ago #


    I have been using WordPress for a couple of years now and think I have a good handle on things.

    Now ... In all of my uses they have been on a public web server, there has been no need for workflow.

    Now I have a client that wants an intranet. They also use the standard development model of having a DEVELOPMENT box and a PRODUCTION box. Just like any of us ... we develop on our desktop then upload.

    Is there any way in WordPress that we can develop on one server then move to another?


    (The reason I thought I would ask here is the intranet is going to have several blogs ... so I thought of WordPress MU)


  2. The network part (It's not called mu any more ;) ) makes it a little more tricky if you're moving the db from dev to production, since the values need to be changed in a multitude of places.

    but if its files and sutff? Svn works. :D

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