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  • Hi,

    I have WordPress installed on two web servers which are setup in load balanced mode. It is Windows 2008 server and MS SQL Server.

    I need help to configure upload file path. Basically in order to maintain files on both servers, I was thinking the best option is to have shared folder for both servers and give that path as path for file upload.

    Is it possible in any version of WordPress?

    Help appreciated 🙂

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  • I coudl be wrong but… Having both servers sharing a folder really breaks the idea of load balancing in the first place as both servers are looking at/in, and utilising, the same resource.

    if it was me, I’d set up the load balancer to ensure that any admin pages/requests are routed to the main server, and let the second server sync with the main server to keep the files updated. You’re the only one that’s using the admin area, so that shouldn’t have a huge effect on server load.

    Thanks for recommendation and sounds good.

    Any idea if any plugin available to do the sync up or it would need to be done outside WordPress?

    I would not do this inside WordPress. I’d keep the replication being done by the servers so that nothing get’s lost/dropped/missed. There’s no need for multiple replicaton systems. That would just lead to confusion.

    At our university, we put the entire WP directory/content in a shared folder. Example: /sharedfolder/wordpress

    This has worked well for us, but your situation may vary. We have a fair amount of redundancy and fail-over built into our systems. The shared file system is the least of our worries. The advantage of shared over independent filesystems is mainly synchronization and time. Synchronization really wouldnt work in our case, we have over 5GB of data (and growing) and keeping that much data in synch would have a large lag. Also it takes a lot more time to manage WP upgrades, plugins, etc with independent systems because you have to do the work on each of them. We have 5 httpd server and could grow.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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