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  • I’m having issues trying to install a wordpress blog on debian squeeze with wordpress 3.3.2.

    Making sure virtual hosts works with apache2

    I would like the blog to be at “” with the files hosted at /some/path that is NFS mounted. So I first made sure that virtual hosts would work with apache, added a line to etc/hosts and put a dummy index.php there. That works. I should mention that root does NOT have write access to this folder /some/path.

    Installing wordpress
    I created a database following instructions here.
    I tested the database using the testconnection.php file here

    I then added a configuation file to /etc/apache2/conf.d using the example given in /usr/share/doc/wordpress/examples. I linked the wordpress installation to my folder at /some/path. I threw out the old wp-config.php and used the wp-config-sample.php to create one tailored to my database info. But I keep getting a “error connecting to database” at the end. Anything I’ve missed?


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  • I’ve also tried enabling the WP_ALLOW_REPAIR in the wp-config.php. It gives me nothing different. I keep getting the same error at

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