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    I am currently working on a site on my wamp server on my machine. Now I want to move the site to a Bluehost addon domain but I am not sure how to proceed. I knw about changing the site url and wordpress url and exporting and importing database but I have never done it with an addon domain. Would someone help me please? Thanks

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  • I have two add-on domains at BlueHost, and BlueHost has its own way of pointing an add-on domain name to any folder of any name that will be containing your installation. So as far as I know, you can go there and add a folder inside public_html and do a WordPress installation, then point your add-on domain name to that folder, upload your wp-content folder, import your database and update wp-config.php and be good-to-go without having to do anything more. To be sure of that, just give them a call.

    Thanks leejosepho for the reply and assistance. I think I understand what you are saying to some extent. The addon domain is already created and the re is the folder for that specific addon domain. Do I use the Mojo thing to do a fresh installation? I thought of doing this but I am wondering if Mojo would just automatically create a new clean wordpress install and not provide any way for me to do the necessary imports.
    Thanks again

    I have never done exactly what you have in mind, and you might already be experienced with importing a database. So where I would do a new installation and get it working before adding my own stuff to wp-content and then importing to the new database, maybe you already know how to do those things manually. But overall, I just know I could move any of my sites to any different folder and then just do a simple re-assignment at cPanel without having to do anything tricky.

    Yes, I have some experience in doing the imports, just that I have never done it on an addon domain. Thanks again for your assistance. Will try to figure this out somehow

    just that I have never done it on an addon domain.

    Being ad add-on makes no difference at BlueHost, and no existing htaccess file will need to be modified. If you have working as it is right now, the BlueHost cPanel will point that name to your installation’s new location and everything will work just as it is. But if your are presently using and now want to drop the tmp/, that would require doing the tricky stuff.

    Ok thanks think I’ve got it now. I’ll just do the imports and installation and point it to the addon.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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