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  • hey there, was just wondering if i could use wordpress on my blogspot account? is that possible? i was tempted to use wordpress.com and blogsome.com but am cautious bout it going down etc as i wouldnt want any of my post/work to go missing. thanks, merry xmas.

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  • WordPress, by itself is a publishing platform, a weblog system that is much like Blogger but in many ways, better. http://wbloggar.com/ might be something you are looking for.

    To answer the question: No. BlogSpot is a Blogger-only environment, and is not designed to allow for the use (let alone install) of other blogging systems.

    i realize that wordpress is a publishing platform by itself..but it needs a host right? i was gonna sign up with webblogs.us but theyre not taking any new users, so im guessing ive to stick with wordpress.com i guess

    If you’re looking to stick with free blog hosting, you could dig around for someone offering up shared space, but otherwise WordPress.com or Blogsome is pretty much what you’ll be stuck with.

    yeah, i just realize that with blogsome.com and wordpress.com, i can only use the themes that THEY provide and i cant use anyones..like the ones frm alexking.org. am i right with this? i guess ive to use my own webspace or something

    Yes, hosted blogs allow only limited numbers of themes, and wordpress.com allows no plugins (not sure about blogsome as to plugins).

    so lets say i host my wordpress blog on my own domain, lets say abc.com for arguments sake….does anyone know how much space that would take?

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    It’s not space – it’s the host.
    The actual code is around 1MB for wp2.0

    Look at the Hosting page here (but stay well away from Dreamhost !) and see what they offer.
    If you want lots of WP support on hand, then you could consider http://www.freshlypressed.net/
    (in the interests of clarity, I am part of FreshlyPressed)

    Look at everything on offer, ask them questions then go with what you like.

    If you want a blogging community without having to have a web hosting account, try the Opera Community.


    It even allows you 300MB of space to upload personal files, and a photo album. If that’s what you are looking for.

    However, if you are as enamored of WordPress as most of the rest of us here, you’ll either want to pony up the cash for web hosting space or head over to http://mu.wordpress.org and check out this thread:


    It’s an informal list of folks running WPMU on their sites. Some of these people offer free blogs running WP. It’s not just limited to WP.com, you see!

    Good luck!

    thanks very much!

    With your blogger.com blog you can put in a skin to make it look like wordpress though.

    Hey podz, quick question: what’s everyone’s beef with Dreamhost? I’ve never used them (nor am I considering), I simply want to know for curiosity’s sake.


    Worry not, I think wordpress.com is rarely down if compared to blogspot on their earlier days.

    And yes, there’s quite a buzz with dreamhost especially with their introduction of a very interesting affiliate programs 🙂

    @jonathan: there have been some issues with Dreamhost telling wordpress users that they’re using up too many server resources. That said, I’m with them and haven’t had any problems so far.

    Oh, okay. I’m with Hosting Insiders and they never tell me anything of the sort, but there’s no “one click” install of WP, either. Now that I’ve (finally) got WP installed and working, though, that just seems insignificant. Thanks for the 411.


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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