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  • Up until recently, my site was sending emails out correctly. I’ve tried disabling plugins and enabling again, this did not work. I also tried the WP email smtp, this doesn’t seem to be working either (I’m not entirely sure I’ve set it up correctly). The oddest thing is that all emails going out from the site were working up till a couple days ago. Not entirely sure what the cause of this might be.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or help?

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  • im experiencing problems too. I am using contact form 7 and have told it to send mail to a hotmail account, which works ok. If i try use my domain account it wont send.

    I’m using CF7 as well. I’ve tried a bunch of different email accounts that aren’t associated with the domain and still no luck.

    funny thing is that my other wp site is working perfectly with cf7 installed, must be something to do with hosts

    DD71, you may want to check in with your hosting company on the problem site. I’ve just found out that GoDaddy was hit with a bunch of spam (at least on our servers for this particular site) and they’ve cut off emails in one form or another. A coworker of mine is fixing the issue now so the site will output emails again.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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