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  • Hey There,

    I hope you all having great day. I am new to WordPress. I have been facing problem. when i install WordPress on Localhost.(I attached 3 screenshot which explain clear what kind of problem i have been facing). when i install WordPress and then after that WordPress installation complete message display like broken ( and then after that i visit to my WordPress site and then default template display like that ( and then after that when i try to login to WordPress site and then username password not work. ( almost tried everything like changed database reinstall localhost. even reinstall windows as well. But still facing same problem but on other end i install WordPress on my other 32 bit PC which working fine. But on 64 bit it’s not working.

    My Operating system: Windows 7 x64
    WampServer: 2.2 (x64)
    PHP 5.4.3
    MYSQL 5.2.24
    Appache: rewrite_mod enable


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  • Why are you using 8888 port for localhost? I will prefer 80 standart port for apache.
    MySQL should be 5.1.x more than 5.2 (unstable).
    PHP should be 5.3.x (5.4.x is for testing only)

    The 64bit can have some trouble with WampServer. I recommend you using Windows 32bit.

    Actually Skype also run on same port. So if you run localhost same time. and then localhost’ll not execute. Therefore,I’ve been use port 8888. I don’t think it’ll be port issue. Because i am ruining WordPress on my 32 bitPC on port 8888.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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