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  • First of all: ,

    The first is a recently upgraded version, whilst the second was a brand new install. When I had first installed them, they worked flawlessly. However, just the other day, I revisited the first (my main blog) and it gave me the current error, or:

    “It doesn’t look like you’ve installed WP yet. Try running install.php.”

    I… have no idea why it would say that. It may be that I’m just an idiot, but regardless, it makes no sense that it would work one minute, but not the next. Such is the way of the Internet. Any suggestions?

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  • If you are sure you didn’t do anything… did you contact your host about it? Sometimes they run upgrades that break sites, upgrade different software etc.
    Did you check the the files and the DB are in place?

    Everything looked just fine when I looked at the databases and the http://FTP... I’d say it’s just my curiously good luck.

    You can’t tell if the host did something by looking at the database and the FTP. Email you host and ask if they upgraded or downgraded something – like apache, mySQL, php….

    I get my service free from a reseller, and he says his host constantly auto-updates. While I have easy access to all the current versions, I have no idea what the previous versions might have been.

    Apache version: 1.3.34 (Unix)
    PHP version: 5.0.5
    MySQL version: 4.1.14-standard

    Well, I can tell you that there were some problems with php 5+. Since search is total dog-poop right now, I can’t find you any of the relevant threads.

    If the host constantly auto-updates, that’s likely what happened to your installation. And since search is total dog-poop right now, I can’t give you any info about fixing it, because I don’t remember what the fixes were (if any).

    I’m sorry….

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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