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  • I am trying to add mod_rewrite support to my blog, and when I specify a new structure in the options/permalinks section, it does not write to my .htaccess file nor print out the rules for me to insert manually.

    Any ideas or sugestions? I am running Apache, on Windows 2000 Server.

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  • Is mod_rewrite enabled on your host server?

    It is, and I have used it in the past for other projects. Works great.

    Next thing to check: are you setting .htaccess 777 while you get wp to update permalinks? Of course, once updated you immediately want to set it back to 644….

    I was unaware the CHMOD was valid on Windows servers. I have tried regardless and receive an error message saying the command is unknown.

    Ah. My bad…. I didn’t read fully – crossed eyes I guess after too much holiday. You can’t do straight linux-style mod_rewrite sorta permalinks on windows servers….

    There may have been some solutions posted in the past – you may have to do a fairly detailed google search to dig them up though.

    Err? I thought that worked just fine with Apache under Windows. Doesn’t work on IIS without major hoop jumping, but Apache works…

    Huh. I thought I remembered some threads a few months back which indicated it wasn’t working on win/apache either…. easy enough for me to be wrong of course!

    Ill look into that a little more, thanks.

    Well, let us know what you come up with; sorry I tried to steer you wrong!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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