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  1. Kizze
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Well I recently went with hosting for my blog http://www.poorwoman.wordpress.com. I upgraded to 2.5 in my cpanel and then I did mapping threw wordpress. Although the site was redirecting it wasn't picking up any of my new entries like it did before I went host. So in believing that maybe there was some kind of issue with both my sites being up at once with the same information, I deleted the old one. Knowing that my blog was starting to do go with crawling, and the robot thing. My blog had even been categorized as a specific topic. So people were finding my site and I was hoping to get more. After deleting it things pretty much have stayed the same no crawlers in days. I'm not sure what to do I've been at the forum and it seems no one has the answer. Is it the theme? I really like it and wouldn't want to have to get another. I'm new at css style, coding and what not. So I'm learning but don't know enough to get back crawling up the blog latter. Also I have been getting some hits from some where on one of the blogs I posted during the transition. It seems to have gotten crawled http://www.poorwomanswords.com/?p=88. And i'm not sure where they are finding it because I can't find me anywhere anymore.
    Hopefully you can understand what I'm saying. I kinda just want things to go back to normal even if that means my stats start from scratch as long as I'm being crawled.

    Thank you,

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