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  • I’m having a huge problem with WordPress in conjunction with Technorati and I’m not sure who the problem lies with.

    I was using feedburner for autodiscovery and had heard that Technorati was having problems with feedburner feeds, but after removing the feedburner feed for autodiscovery — pings to technorati still never show up on their site, despite that fact that the page source shows correctly tagged technorati tags.

    I validated all my feeds.

    I am using the technotag plugin, but the plugin does not appear to have anything to do with it, since the tags are formatted correctly, unless they cannot be enclosed in a span class.

    I have set up three blogs for various people using wordpress and all of them are having this problem. They each have a feedburner feed, but eliminating it from autodiscovery sections does not change the Technorati results. Even manually pinging technorati doesn’t work.

    Can someone with WordPress please look into this. I’m sure were are not the only ones having this problem, the first blog I set up was under and at first it was having no problems until I upgraded it to The other two were set up under and they had problems from the get go. Not sure if this is coincidence or not.

    I’ve emailed Technorati, but apparently it takes several weeks to hear back anything from them. I’m getting a lot of heat to just switch these to other blogging software, but I love WordPress and don’t want anything to do with that hassle.

    Does anyone in support know what is going on here or can find out?

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    Technorati is having quite a few problems with discovering updated feeds and properly associating tags. These problems are affecting more than just WordPress blogs. It’s better to just wait until they figure out what’s going on.

    Thank you, I wasn’t sure who or what it was.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one experiencing these problems. They’re not indexing any of my posts, and up until a few hours ago, when I did a search on my URI, all I got back was the Zero Sized Reply.

    My tags aren’t showing up in Techorati either, but pinging manually did work.

    Still not working for me even when I ping using the form

    Moderator James Huff


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    Contact Technorati’s Support.

    Did. No response from Technorati. Might it be a “sandbox” think, kind of like Google’s? (Doens’t make any sense, since all the tags from my bBlog posts — my former CMS — made it in just fine.) Any other possibilities?

    bump. Still no response from Technorati. Is there anywhere that information can be found about how Technorati spiders a site (I know it has to be pinged, and you obviously have to have rel=tag linkage, but how does the process work step-by-step)? Has anyone that posted here been able to fix this problem or just see the problem just “dissapear”?

    Victory is mine! It looks like the reason Technorati couldn’t spider my site was because of a bunch of validation errors, mostly having to deal with Amazon ads. For anyone who’s having problems, make sure to check your pages out using the W3C Feed Validator ( Clean things up there, then ping Technorati manually and it should start working. (Don’t ask me about the gory technical details on Technorati’s side of things — I don’t know). For more information about my (mis)adventures in dealing with this, check out the following posts:

    Hope this helps anyone.

    Hmm. I have the same problem, yet while my pages properly validate, technorati still fails 80% of the time, even though I faithfully tag everything (I use the “display:none” span style, though even before that, it didn’t work). The only thing that does the job is to manually ping technorati. It’s extremely frustrating to go to the trouble of diligently tagging everything, only to have it passed over. I wish there was a real answer for this.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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