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    You have some huge coding errors on your site.

    For instance, look at that link. Scroll down to see your code.

    Line 91 needs to be line 1. lines 1-90 are all in the wrong place. They cannot be in or above the <head> section, they must be in the <body> section which starts at line 298

    oooohhhh thanks for your help – I sort of assumed wordpress got the coding right automatically as I haven’t had this problem in 40 odd sites I have built – thx for you help and prompt reply.

    Funny how there are no probs with ff and chrome

    ff and chrome are more forgiving of coding errors. IE is by far more picky.

    But, if you make any websites, and you want to ensure a pain-free user experience…and full cross browser compatibility, you’ve got to run your sites through that validator. If you have errors, they need fixed.

    as a tip, I would recommend validating your sites with no plugins active. That way you can see just the errors your theme is throwing and fix that. Some plugins throw errors which is no fault of your own…

    thanks again rev. Here goes another journey into the unkown to fix the coding…

    yup… can be a bit painful to learn. I taught myself through painful poking, prodding, and breaking of many themes.

    I recommend looking at the source code of other themes (preferably simpler ones to start) see how they have things arranged

    And google the heck out of stuff…..many good tutorials out there to be found

    Hi Doug,

    Site looks great and good to know about W3C Validator.

    Off topic, are you able to let me know of a WordPress plugin that is similar to your Flash Gallery on your “Home” tab?

    Doug….anybody else as I am looking for one similar to this.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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