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  1. BoundaryProducts
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I did my infrequent website optimisation test and discovered a very disappointing result.

    More server requests from js files caused by the new admin bar and localization data and other things??

    The main reason for choosing WordPress is to have a lightweight base code on which I can choose to add whatever I need.

    I don't require these additions, so why has it gone into the base code and not a plugin?

    I've tried several plugins that remove the admin bar but the js files still remain.

    The reason I left my last CMS provider was because the core base code was too high. I fear that I am already researching alternatives.

    Please reconsider this addition to the base code - it is now making WordPress far too heavy.

    From Peter

  2. The core dev team are aware, and are working on keeping scope creep at a minimum. The decision to add in the admin bar was not made lightly (and localization, while YOU never use it, I'm sure you can see why it's needed to support a broader base of users).

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