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  • i wouldn’t be posting here if i wasn’t totally painted into a corner on something.

    i have a one click install of wordpress on dreamhost, recent version of wordpress on site…when i attempt to login with the password, a password that i’ve actually generated via wordpress’s password reset script, the page refreshes but does not load the dashbaord…

    it’s running the latest version of wordpress since the upgrade worked from the dreamhost admin panel, i’ve even tried copying over other wordpress files to try to get the admin to load…if i type in the incorrect password it tells me it’s the incorrect password as well…

    any advice would be grateful. i mess with wordpress quite a bit and have never came across such a problem…

    i have access to the database but can only export as .sql and i’m not sure if i want to try importing that database to a new install? again, any advice would be amazing.

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  • Have you checked your error logs for wordpress? There might be useful information regarding which files/codes are not being able to execute to load your admin panel.

    if your login redirect isn’t working for some reason,

    just type

    in your browser address window. That should take you to your dashboard, if your login / password worked.

    It sounds like your password is correct since there’s a different action when you put the wrong pw

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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