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  • Bright, cheerful…. took over 3 minutes to load on my dialup though….

    not bad, but im not likin the blue bg 😛

    Sorry for the download time 😉
    I could have left the monochrome header for faster loading but I thought some more “pep” could be nice as well.

    Maybe the movie was also partially responsible for the long download.
    Maybe I should take that out.
    That onw was only a test of EMBED tags.

    BTW, I found that using the EMBED tag is not so easy with wordpress. Many options in the tag cannot be used, or are not accepted….and the wordpress closes the EMBED tag automatically wit an /EMBED which is not necessary for EMBED tags.

    maybe you like the BLACK vackground of my forum better lmaoooo

    Anyway: Thanks for the comment.
    I am currently thinking of replacing the background with a gradient going from black to red.
    Any other ideas let me know please 🙂

    Well, could be part of it, I didn’t see the movie because I have stuff like that blocked by default. I won’t sit and wait for stuff like that, but if it loads in the background, that could be part of the load time….

    I realize that dialup is a dinosaur, but it’s all I’ll ever have here. So I just don’t wait on stuff….

    no problems, vkaryl,
    No, the movie (WMV) as well as the sudoku (SWF) were part of the test to put EMBED tags into the documents posted.

    Yes for me dialup sounds like a dinosaur, too.
    I got Broadband 2Mbps here. Makes life much easier 🙂

    yeah i’d say to colour up ur nav bar becuase to me now it seems to be a little to stock template-like 😀 I hacked my dusk theme to look like this. Watya think?

    Its nice.
    My Forum is also more on the black side.
    People argue that if you want to display images a dark BG comes better.
    Maybe the blue BG also clashes with the flames of my header.
    Thinking of what to put in best.
    Probably a dark gradient with black orange and red.

    I have changed that blue a bit.
    Hope you find it better now 🙂

    I have been blogging for several years on Blogger and want to bring get business blogs on my own hosted site. Someone recommended WordPress and what I’ve read is that it will do the trick. I have not worked with open source applications before so I’m intimidated by language I’m not familiar with and applications that look differnt than what I’m used to. That’s why the user name “DumbBeginner”

    So, I can have wordpress installed on my own domain at a hosting service. Do you recommend any in particular?

    What do I need to do to customize a theme for the site os use a template to create a site that would host 4 or 5 blogs initially?

    I told you I knew nothing.

    You need to start a new topic first. You can do that by starting from the main support forum page, then scrolling to the bottom of the page, selecting the Miscellaneous forum, and reposting your query.


    isnt there any MOD option to split the topic and create a new post?
    I would have done do that.
    just an idea 🙂

    IM gettin a 403 error for u wordpress link (forbidden)

    Iyi Aksamlar
    Oh, then you must be in Vietnam.
    Edited: sorry your profile sais Aus.
    Someone from Vietnam hacked into my forum and modified it.
    Took me one minute to crack the password changed by them.
    Now I have banned all vietnam adresses from
    Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications (VNPT)

    I also left a message for them just to know:

    Hack la mot hanh vi trai dao ly. Neu Ban khong co bat cu ly do gi de lam cho cuoc doi minh thi hay di tim mot cong viec va dung lam phien nguoi khac.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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