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    I downloaded the plugin “Add Full SVG Support” to potentially use SVG images. I have searched this forum and even the Internet but am at a loss for confirmation on how to use shortcodes. I did read the codex pages but am still uncertain. I apologize, as this will seem completely silly and basic to so many!

    The installation instructions are as follows:
    “Upload the folder to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.
    Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.
    Place the shortcode in your templates.
    Shortcode-Example: [do-svg width=”50px” height=”30px” style=”margin:30px” svg_path=”wp-content/uploads/image.svg” alt_path=”wp-content/uploads/image.png” alt=”My Image”]”
    I got as far as activating but what does it mean by place the shortcode in your template? Do I add that code, replaced with my specifications, in a certain place in the files or does it go somewhere in the body of the pages and/or post?
    From what I’ve gathered, I can put shortcodes in my post and pages but how do I know exactly where to put it? Does it just go in line with the text? Especially for images. How will it know exactly where to place the image on the page and/or sidebar? Like, for example, a featured image? Or if I use SVG for my logo and/or site icon?
    I am sorry! I am hoping I am not the only one out there who is having trouble with the fundamentals! 🙁
    Just a little more regarding SVG images, please. I have seen a lot about using a backup image, I imagine in case the svg doesn’t load. Is that included in the code above? I’m assuming it’s the alt_path at the end, right? And do I still add the details like title, alt text etc in the gallery after I upload the image? Or is there more code I should know about?

    I sincerely apologize for all of this! I can assure you, once I get the basics, I can run with this. But not understanding the basics nor finding anywhere that clearly explains it has probably just confused me more.

    Thank you!

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  • Plugin Author Jens


    You can add the shortcode in your pages and posts. The image appears where you place the code. You can’t use it for your feature image (if you mean the WP function), because that has a totally different functionality. You can use it for your logo, but this depends on your theme.
    Please use Google or sites like for WP basics.

    Regarding the SVG questions:
    The alt-path is for the fallback. The fallback kicks in when the specific browser can’t display svg images. You can specify title and alt text within the gallery, but this won’t effect the image ;-). For WordPress, svg is a file (like zip-files), no image!

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